Just Heart Failure is managed and owned by the Pumping Marvellous Foundation: The UK’s patient
led Heart Failure charity.Just Heart Failure is a unique platform that enables people living with heart failure

to access heart failure nurse services that will help them live better with heart failure

The information is supplied by Heart Failure Nursing teams across the UK and is updated regularly.

Explore support and live better with heart failure

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Accessing superior support for you and your family

People with heart failure tell us they get superior support from talking to people who have heart failure. Peer to peer support sometimes helps with those difficult or hard to access questions.

Listen to people like you

Listen to some of our patients talking about how they manage their heart failure.

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Patient authored information

Patients tell us the importance of understandable information about heart failure and that’s why our patients write them with clinical sign off. Used by over 200 NHS heart failure teams.

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Heart Failure Nurse Community

Talk and learn together with your Heart Failure Nurse colleagues in the largest community of focussed Nurses around heart failure.

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Resources at your finger tips

People with heart failure manage their condition differently. We know this at the Pumping Marvellous Foundation as we are those patients and family members.

Help raise funds

Raising funds helps the Pumping Marvellous Foundation make heart failure clearer and more manageable for patients and their families

Rich patient information

Rich gravy of patient information on our acclaimed website covering the topics people and their families living with heart failure care about.

Parallel Hearts

Learn about heart failure from world class heart failure specialists via our Parallel Heart campaign.

Learn about heart failure

Listen to heart failure specialists